Corona Virus and Liver Disease - Liver Patients Be More Careful with COVID 19 Pandemic

Liver disease in Covid 19 patients makes the patient more complicated and turns into a severe life risk

By : Dr Anil Jangir

23 Sep 2020 8:03 PM GMT

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17th Novermber 2019, was not just a usual day, but it was a knock to the entire earth to save its life especially human life. This black day is noted as the first case of corona virus infection. The days passed and so with it the cases of infected patients, increasing like a thundering speed. In the initial case study it was a challenge for the doctors understand about this virus, its thread of infection, its speed of human to human transmission and its treatment. The entire medical system collapsed as the number of cases started increasing, and within a month the virus took the entire globe under its infection.

Social media flooded with lots of information and it created panic among human life trying to protect and save life from this particular deadly virus. Still today, there is no vaccine, the only thing is protect and prevention hence forth satisfying a proverb; "Prevention is better than cure".

Know everything about chronic liver diseases and corona virus-

The challenges of life are to be taken boldly and overcome with strong will, if in respect to diseases it is like for cancer, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, heart patients, diabetic patients and many more. In medical terms we use a term 'co morbid' body which means a patients suffering from minor and other chronic illnesses and now infected by corona virus. Health advice for people with liver diseases is to follow the guideline of WHO and try to protect themselves from the infection of COVID19 which is from the family of SARS-CoV-2 virus.

In this market of fear from social media and many misguiding information the general questions in mind comes what to know about liver diseases and Covid 19? The answer is understanding the interrelationship between coronavirus infection and liver. The people of any age group suffering from chronic illness related to liver infection like; hepatitis B and hepatitis C are at more risk to get exposed to the virus and get infected. It has been observed over some patients infected with corona virus to have highly increased levels of enzymes like alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and aspirate aminotransferase (AST) which indicates the liver damage symptom. Patients suffering from Cirrhosis and fatty liver are also at high risk and the chance to get liver damaged if get infected with Covid 19.

COVID 19 attacking several body parts-

It must be very clear to every person and especially every patient that corona virus, not just damages your lungs, but this infection can damage any part of your part. The corona virus is changing its symptom and its string and vary from patients to patients. The general symptoms are cough, cold and fever. People infected with corona virus may be diagnosed with chronic pneumonia and it is also life risk. Many of the patients have lost their lives because of having pneumonia with corona virus. Many patients are observed to be infected with covid 19 but having symptoms of diarrhea; in this case the virus damages the liver, and punctures intestine badly. Loss of smell, loss of taste and headache does not cause serious infection, but still it is not known at which part of the body this deadly virus will attack and damage you internally.

Liver infection may result in liver failure-

In general liver infection is not good for any patients, as it may cause to fatal. It was an old saying "Health is wealth"; but currently people ignore health and wealth means everything. Eat, eat and again repeat the same is highly responsible for damaged liver or liver infection. Excess eating of junk food, chips and drinking are just like stepping slowly to your early death. Covid 19 in chronic liver diseases, makes liver functioning more slower than usual and finally the result may be fatal.

Precautions and care for liver patients-

Liver disease in Covid 19 patients makes the patient more complicated and turns into a severe life risk. The patients are asked to maintain a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating habit; to overcome the risk of infection and care as a prevention.

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