Good Food and Good Health Promotes Your Energy Level

If we talk about liver, it means we are talking about health. The liver as we all known is the most important organ of the body which purifies our blood in the body.

By : Dr Anil Jangir

19 Oct 2020 2:40 PM GMT

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A liver problem has now become a common problem with many people suffering from this severe disease. Yes, our eating habit is responsible and so is also many other causes related to bad liver health. It is very important to have a good liver for a healthy metabolism and healthy body. Our entire body system depends upon the liver, and if it's not in a proper condition it is a matter of life risk.

Know the function of the liver-

The liver is nourished by oxygen from the hepatic artery and blood with a capillary system surrounding the gut. The liver performs the major function in the body, from cleansing to carrying the entire health system of the human body. If you are suffering from a normal flu and taking antibiotics, it means you are damaging your liver functioning. There are several ways to a healthy liver, which is an important function of a human body to perform at a time interval of 6 months to boost healthy liver system.

Liver stores major sources of vitamins like A, B, D, E and K in the body and releases whenever required, this is known as bile production in the liver. Liver also converts excess body glucose into glycogen it is slowly released whenever required by the body. The liver has a main function of transforming excess fat into cholesterol as healthy production of steroid hormone and cell membranes.

Secrets to promote good liver health-

If you are looking forward to help yourself to stay fit and stay healthy, then it is required to keep your liver healthy. There are many simple and easy tips for good liver health-

• Drink lots of water

• Perform an internal cleansing

• Take supplements

The correct and suggested amount of glass of water per day is 8 glasses per day, intake of this much quantity of water flushes the toxins from the liver and helps your liver to breathe.

Internal cleansing is suggested as a body detox program; which can be performed by hot water, lemon, honey and now easily available detox kits. The very important thing to maintain is to manage only healthy foods which will provide essential nutrients to your body and manages good health for the liver.

Now lets us check some natural liver cleanser-

Detoxification of liver surely promotes good health and helps to live a better transformed healthy life. Some natural cleansers are-

• Milk Thistle

• Turmeric milk

• Dandelion and burdock

• Epsom salt

• Intake of vitamin C

• Intake of omega 3 fatty acids

Including diets that promote liver health is also an option which is basically calcium and other mineral enriched foods.

Everything about fatty liver-

If we talk about fatty liver is very necessary to talk about nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. There are various reasons about the problem of fatty liver and it totally depends upon our lifestyle and sometimes upon any medical condition and its medicines. The common symptoms observed is jaundice.

Find the symptoms of your poor liver health-

Yellowing of the eyes and skin, fatigue and tiredness, indigestion; are recommended as early signs your liver is in trouble. There are many other symptoms indicating poor functioning of the liver and it is just a knock to recognize the bad health of the liver and alarm to start something good for you choosing good health and a healthy lifestyle to give your liver a good health.

Dr. Anil Jangir is a Gastroenterologist, Hepatologist and Digestive(Gastro-Intestinal) Endoscopist in Jaipur Rajasthan. Click here to know more

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