Take Care of Your Kidneys - Tips to Protect your Kidneys health

Your kidney is an important organ for survival as it performs various vital functions and keeping your kidneys healthy is very essential

By : Dr Anil Jangir

2 Dec 2020 5:55 AM GMT

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More essentially, they filter the waste products, excess water, and many other impurities from your blood to keep your body healthy and well functioned. The waste products are then stored in the bladder and are expelled through the excretory system.Kidneys also regulate pH level, salt, and potassium level in your body and produce hormones that regulate blood pressure and control red blood cells' production. But if you know how to keep your kidneys healthy then the entire course becomes smooth.

Here are some secrets to keeping your kidneys healthy.

Be active and fit

Make sure to do regular exercise as it is beneficial for more than just your waistline. Exercise reduces your blood pressure and boosts the heart's health, which is also crucial for preventing kidney damage.Assure to be active and stay fit. It will be easier to keep your kidney healthy. This will lead to boost overall health conditions and well beings.

● Assure to control your blood sugar

People who have diabetes problems needs to take the utmost care, since it is said that high blood sugar to access kidney damage. When the body cells are not used in your blood, then kidneys are forced to perform extra work to filter the blood. This excessive work can cause and lead to life-threatening damage.It is important to manage, and co control the blood sugar level to reduce any risk of kidney damage.

● Monitor your blood pressure

High blood pressure leads to kidney damage, and if the blood pressure is high, then several other health issues like diabetes and heart disease are high cholesterol, which has a big impact on the body.Always ensure to monitor your blood pressure. Your daily lifestyle and dietary changes can help to lower your blood pressure level at this point.

Maintain your weight and eat a healthy diet

People with overweight or obese are at higher risk for an enormous number of health issues, which can damage the kidneys.A healthy diet with low sodium and low processed meats helps to reduce the risk of kidney damage. Always ensure to focus on eating fresh and healthy nutrients, which are naturally low sodium. Eating the best foods for kidney health keeps you away from many harmful potential diseases.

● Drink plenty of fluids

You must drink at least eight water glasses in a day because it encourages your body to stay hydrated. Drinking water helps to clear sodium and other toxins from your kidneys and lower the risk of chronic kidney disease.

● Avoid smoking

As we all know, smoking kills. Smoking damages your body's blood vessels, causing slower blood flow throughout your body and kidneys. Smoking is dangerous as it leads to several health issues, including kidneys. By avoiding smoking, your health issues will drop drastically.


Your kidneys are responsible for activating Vitamin D, which allows your body to absorb calcium to build bones and muscles. If you know the right tips to protect your kidney then you have no worries.It is very crucial to keep your kidney healthy to maintain your overall health and well beings. A healthy kidney will allow the filter of waste products to excrete from. Your body and produce essential hormones that help your body to function appropriately.

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